The Last Rain - This short story was awarded the Henfield Prize. (Prairie Schooner)

Neighborly Favors - This short story was a finalist in the 2011 Narrative 30 Below Contest. (Narrative)


Questions of Genius: "On Salt of the Earth" - In this review of the Wim Wenders film about the great photographer Sebastião Salgado, I question the thorny gender politics of who we call a genius, and the danger of that designation. (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Lost Between Scripture and Self - A review of I Am Forbidden, by ex-Satmar-Hasidic Anouk Markovits delves into crises of fertility, paternity, and apostasy. If only the emotional satisfaction was as great as its voyeuristic pleasures. (Los Angeles Review of Books)

Turning the Lens Inward - What happens when the family vacation to Europe happens thirty years too late for comfort? A review of Nancy Huston's Infrared: A racy, wonderful read. (Haaretz)

One American Jewish Family’s Struggle With Obesity - The New York Times loved Jami Attenberg's The Middlesteins. I didn't. (Haaretz)

Rachel Corrie, Back in the Limelight and Surprisingly Eloquent - The death that turned a young woman into an icon  was transformed into a deeply controversial—and gorgeously moving—play.  (New Voices)

Crime and Dementia in a Country of Blue and Ice - A review of Derek Miller's Norwegian by Night, a crime novel complete with ex-pats, existential angst, and a Nazi complex. Great plotting, but I wish it delved deeper into the darkness. (Haaretz)




Selected interviews, op-eds, and reports

The Good Fortune of the Ivy League Reject - In the uproar that followed one girl’s rejoinder to the colleges that rejected her, I offer a different take based on my experience at three very different universities. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

Selected Jewniverse shorts - I've contributed a series of short pieces on topics ranging from Persian literature in Hebrew translation to the curious Anne Frank fandom on . (Jewniverse)

Jerusalem: City of Walls - “As was apparent that evening and over the four decades of Israeli control, Jerusalem has never become a united city.” (The Ir Amim blog on The Huffington Post)

The World Holds a Pistol to Your Head - Libyan novelist Hisham Matar on the Libyan Revolution's effect on writing novels, the difference between reading and talking, and why he does not identify as an intellectual. (Fiction Writers Review)

Evictions and Settlement Plans in Sheikh Jarrah: The Case of Shimon HaTzadik - Copious bilingual field and legal research went into the publication of this monitoring report, which was cited by Israeli and major international media sources. (Ir Amim: For a Stable and Equitable Jerusalem)



These projects with Romy Achituv skim the line between art and activism. Motivated by social critique and concern, they employ artistic tools to spark reflection on troubling cultural phenomena.

Mourning Notices - This project was born in the wake of grisly murders at the hands of Israeli Jewish extremists in the summer of 2015. Click for press coverage and photographs.

Re-Facing Jerusalem - This 2009 public art/activism project with Romy Achituv, and the assistance of calligraphist Josh Berer, entailed repairing the defaced Arabic of Jerusalem street signs. Click for press coverage and photographs.




Photo by Daniel Estrin