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Ilana Sichel is an editor, writer, and doctoral student in Clinical Psychology at City College, City University of New York.

Ilana's short fiction has been published in Prairie Schooner and Narrative, where her story "Neighborly Favors" was a finalist in the 30 Below Contest. She has written about elite vs. public education for The Chronicle of Higher Education, gender and genius as well as ex-Orthodox Jewish literature for the Los Angeles Review of Books, obese protagonists for Haaretz, the Libyan revolution in literature for Fiction Writers Review, and Israeli protest music for Jewniverse. On occasion, she teams up with artist Romy Achituv to publicly grieve across Israel, and to repair defaced Jerusalem street signs.

She received her MFA in fiction from the University of Michigan, and has been awarded a Henfield Prize and a Jentel Artist Residency. At Harvard, her senior Literature thesis on Mandate-era Zionist propaganda film received a Hoopes Prize.

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